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About LiveHartford

The LiveHartford strategy and program is based on a brief belief that a coordinated neighborhood marketing program that will provide easy access to neighborhood and housing information and financing tools is critical to the successful reinvestment in Hartford’s neighborhoods. Hartford has many attractive and stable neighborhoods, homes, and apartments/condos that can compete in the regional housing market and can attract specific market segments of buyers and renters.

There are many community organizations, government agencies, and private companies offering home buying and/or home improvement programs, design services, and investment tools for those interested in investing in Hartford. However, there is no one organization or central location where buyers, renters, sellers, and investors can go to find information on Hartford’s neighborhoods, housing types/availability, and programs/investment tools that are available. In addition, the same is true for community organizations, government agencies, banks, realtors, developers, and contractors: there is no one place where they can reach out to existing homeowners, potential and new homeowners, renters and investors to market their products and services.

If we are to create healthy and competitive neighborhoods that can compete in the regional housing market, attract and retain homeowners, renters, and investment, then we need to market the city, its neighborhoods and housing, and all of the programs and tools that are offered to homebuyers, homeowners, renters and investors. The LiveHartford program provides the opportunity and vehicle to coordinate the efforts of all community stakeholders.

LiveHartford is supported by the MetroHartford Alliance staff, the Housing Committee of MetroHartford Alliance and the wonderful, innovative, creative thinkers/pioneers that made living in Hartford great.