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Asylum Hill

The Asylum Hill neighborhood is one of Hartford’s many historic neighborhoods with a rich history and architecture. The neighborhood provides a diversity of housing options and is the home to The Hartford and Aetna. Originally known as 'Lords Hill', in 1807 the Asylum for the Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Persons was founded, and for one hundred years, provided services to the deaf. The institution relocated to its present home in West Hartford, whereupon it became the American School for the Deaf.

As one of Hartford's most historic neighborhoods, notables such as Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Calvin Day, James Goodwin and U.S. Senator James Dixon, lived on the Hill. The area became a prominent residential district in the 1840's as wealthy families sought more spacious homes outside of the central city. Throughout the 19th century, impressive homes were constructed, many of which remain today and provide a unique historic experience.

The Hartford Fire Insurance Company was founded in 1810. Its symbol, the stag, was taken from the 16th century seal of the town of Hertford in England, from where Hartford took its name. The 10-acre campus on which it is located was the site of Hartford's first reservoir, and later the location of the original American School for the Deaf.

The insurance company was the first major corporation to move into the neighborhood, followed by the Rossia Insurance Company and the Aetna Life Insurance Company. With the advent of these businesses, clerical workers began to move into the neighborhood, creating a demand for housing.

Today, the neighborhood still provides a great number of financial service jobs. Asylum Hill is a wonderful place to call home if you want a historic neighborhood, easy access to jobs, and is in walking distance of Downtown.

Neighborhood description provided by Studio O'Maxfield.