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Behind the Rocks

Behind the Rocks was named from the rocky outcropping that serves as the western border of the Trinity College campus. Today, the neighborhood is a wonderful location for first time home buyers since the neighborhood offers a wide variety of homes, including 1940’s and 1950’s era starter homes.

In the 1890's, the Rocky Hill Quarry, located on what is now called Rocky Ridge, produced trap rock which was used primarily for road building. Much of the heavy labor was performed by Irish immigrants. In 1876, the first St. Lawrence O'Toole Church was constructed to meet community needs.

By 1912, the Rocky Hill Quarry had become a park, that is today known as the Thomas Hyland Memorial Park. The park provides a playground and sports fields for area families.

The neighborhood provides great access to Trinity College and commercial districts along New Britain Avenue and New Park Avenue.

Neighborhood description provided by Studio O'Maxfield.