live in parkville area of hartford ct neighborhood


Parkville takes its name from its location at the junction of the North and South Branches of the Park River. It is one of Hartford's truly unique neighborhoods that prides itself on its diversity. The neighborhood offers a variety of housing including two and three-family homes, apartments, and lofts.

Park Street is the main commercial area offering a variety of retail, services, and restaurants. O’Porto being the flagship restaurant of the neighborhood. Parkville is also home to Lena’s Pizza and Sully’s pub, Hartford's premier location for live local and national music. Parkville is also home to Real Artways.

The neighborhood has a very active community organization that has worked to improve the community, the Park Street streetscape and quality of life. A recent joint effort between Park Street and Park Road (West Hartford) has created a unified commercial district between these two streets. Today, Parkville is very much alive with the bustle of people who live, work, play, worship and shop in a small community. It is a wonderful place for young people to live.

Neighborhood description provided by Studio O'Maxfield.