live in hartford sheldon chater oak neighborhood

Sheldon Charter Oak

The Sheldon Charter Oak neighborhood is located just south of downtown, proving great access to both downtown jobs and entertainment and to Hartford Hospital. The neighborhood provides a wide range of housing serving both renters and homebuyers. Sheldon Oak is the home to Charter Oak Place, one of Hartford primer residential street.

The Sheldon/Charter Oak neighborhood is significant to Hartford's history as it was the site of the original colonial settlement in 1623 as a Dutch trading post. It was here that, in 1636, Thomas Hooker and his colonists laid out house lots.

The greatest influence on the development of Sheldon Charter Oak and South Green was Samuel Colt, inventor of the automatic revolver. In 1855, he began buying up property and established the Colt Firearms Factory, recognizable by its onion dome topped by a rampant colt. Today, the Colt Factory is being redeveloped and offers wonder loft apartments.

Upon Mrs. Colt's death, the 140-acre tract of land adjacent to Armsmear, the Colt estate, was given to the city of Hartford as Colt Park. Today, the park provides public recreational facilities and is soon to be home of the Hartford Botanic Garden, an 18.5 acre area that will utilize some of the outbuildings from the former Colt estate. Already in place is the gift shop specializing in Connecticut-made items.

Another Hartford industrialist who made his mark in the neighborhood is George Capewell. In 1881, he invented a machine that efficiently manufactured horseshoe nails, and his success made Hartford the "horseshoe nail capitol" of the world. The buildings of the former Capewell Horsenail Company are currently undergoing renovation will soon provide even more housing opportunities in this historic factory.

Neighborhood description provided by Studio O'Maxfield.