living in hartford ct homebuyers and renters

Why Hartford?

Hartford is the Capitol city and home to some of the largest corporations in Connecticut that provide over 65,000 jobs right here in Hartford. As the seat of state government and as an employment center, Hartford is a great place to live, work, and play if you want to be close to work and close to home. Hartford is the center of the Capitol Regions arts and entertainment. Hosting hundreds of event each year, and the home of dozens of restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, museums, and other attractions, Hartford is the place to be.

Most important, Hartford provides the widest range of housing options and housing values of any community in the Capitol Region. You may want a historic Victorian home in the Westend or a converted factory loft apartment in Parkville. Or you prefer a luxury downtown apartment with a view or starter home in Blue Hills. Town houses in South Downtown or Frog Hollow appeal to just as many residents as two and three family homes in the Southend.

Come join us, the 125,000 proud residents of Hartford.